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// Patterns, easier.

Clear instructions in plain english and simplified, easy to read patterns with no need to decode. All instructions are written at a beginner level with no assumptions about your skill or techniques.

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// Patterns, that fit.

Fit to real humans, not mannequins. Simple, universal sizing with easy instructions on how to fit every pattern to your unique shape.

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// Patterns, with style.

Inspired by street fashion and styles from all over the world, making outlier fashion and unique subcultures accessible and affordable.

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// Patterns, in character.

Anyone and everyone can jump in and try cosplay with our range of patterns inspired by popular culture, video games, and anime.

Our Patterns

// Patterns, for every skill level.

Easy to use, with options to support every level of maker. From newbies to pros, we've got technique instructions that suit your specific needs and teaching tools for those looking to hone their skills.


Want to sew but have no idea where to start? We've got you covered. All of our pattern instructions are written for those at an absolute beginner level and don't include any complicated jargon or terminology. All diagrams are minimalist and clear, meaning no unexplained marks or symbols, and our garments are designed to be made with the most basic techniques using no unnecessary supplies or fancy sewing machines.


Our patterns go beyond regular instructions and double as teaching tools, offering explanations for every technique used. We've been there - regular patterns say "baste armhole" but you're not sure what that means and why it’s necessary. We'll omit what you don't need to make basic clothes and teach you what you do need and why it's important.


Frustrated with having to constantly adjust the fit of typical patterns, or needing more fabric halfway through a project? Everything you need to make a garment, from zipper length to fabric yardage, is customized to your unique size through our pattern size calculators. You input your basic measurements, we tell you exactly what you need for that pattern. And you can access it on the go by scanning the pattern envelope's QR code. Want to advance your skills? Every pattern includes optional "pro tips" on how to elevate your garment with couture techniques, advanced machines, and professional terminology.

// Why Our Patterns Are Better

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Clear Instructions

No more confusion, no more jargon. Just straightforward instructions written at the most basic beginner level, with optional advanced techniques included for the pros.

Teaching Tools

Instructions that don't just tell you what techniques to use, but why they're the best for the job so you're learning how to sew with clarity.

Better Fit

Fit on real people, not mannequins, meaning a better fit for you. All instructions include tips and tricks to make fit tweaks for different body types.

Easy For All Skill Levels

A snap for absolute beginners, but with tips, tricks, and skills included that can elevate the talents of advanced stitchers and make sewing easier for those who know their way around a sewing machine.

Unique Styles

Lolita, mori girl, and more are all represented in our designs, plus other styles and subcultures from all over the globe. With a focus on outlier fashion, our patterns make unique fashion trends accessible and affordable.

Cosplay Options

We make getting into cosplay easy and accessible with patterns inspired by pop culture, video games, television, and anime.

Durable & Reusable

All patterns are printed on 30 lb bond paper, not wax paper, and packaged in durable zip top bags, meaning you can use them over and over again without any rips, tears, or wear.


Created by a team of creators and costume professionals who know the in's and out's of sewing and are passionate about jumping in head first and making something amazing, with your help.

// How to Sew With Cut/Sew


// check your supplies

All the supplies needed for a project, from pins to notions, are laid out clearly on the back of every pattern tag. Check to make sure you've got everything listed before you start.


// find your size

Input your basic measurements into our pattern size guide, and our calculator will tell you exactly which size is right for you. You can find our size guide here, or scan the QR code on each pattern.


// cut!

Cut out each pattern piece at the line that corresponds to the size you want to make. Each size is color coded, so no more confusion as to which line goes to which size.


// sew!

Our sewing instructions take it step by step with clear graphics and straightforward directions, so following along to sew something amazing is easier than ever.

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